Who we are

Who is Twistframe?

We are a small team of former video game developers. We have had the privilege to work on incredible, interactive entertainment projects for companies like LEGO and Disney. Essentially, like authors, video game developers are professional storytellers. Our team brings a deep understanding of how graphics, illustration, user interface, music and video can be used to enhance a compelling storyline.

The rise of eBooks, iBooks, eReaders, iPads and tablets has profoundly affected the book industry. The eBook presents an extraordinary opportunity to merge traditional book publishing with gameplay design, development concepts, and new business models. The result is a new kind of interactive media. We want to ensure that uninterrupted storytelling comes first, enhanced with fun, meaningful content when and where it makes sense.

We love books and we want this new world to be filled with really good ones. That’s why we jumped the games ship and headed over to digital literature. This new genre of storytelling is just getting started and we’re excited to be a part of it.


Chris Sherland, Co-Founder/Development Director

Chris is a digital media production veteran with over 15 years of product development, production, and publishing experience. Starting in 1998, Chris helped pioneer some of the first massively multiplayer online games by building teams, defining systems and delivering products to market. Chris was Lead Producer for LEGO Universe and brought that title through design, development, launch and service as LEGO’s first foray into the online digital games market.