Our Mission

our mission

Why we do it / why it matters

Our mission is simple: to ensure that the good story meets the right platform, guided by thoughtful development.

What we think

Storytelling is as old as time. People have always found new ways to enhance their stories: from masks, dances and cave drawings to comic books and big budget films.  We humans have continuously added new inspiration or technology to what already exists.  And at heart, “what already exists” has always been storytelling.

Inspired by game technology, respectful of storytelling, and believing that a small amount of gently targeted enhancement goes a long way, the Twistframe team brings to digital books the understanding that, first and foremost, books are written to be read.

We’re not going to trick out your book with gimmicks.  We don’t subscribe to storytelling taking a backseat to flashy interactive wizardry.  Because a digital platform isn’t the story, and it shouldn’t be crammed into the role of storyteller.  It can, however, be pushed and pulled and bonked on the head until it becomes a tool to enhance the story.  When a good story meets a good platform, and that relationship is guided by a thoughtful developer, THEN magic happens.

Digital books are an opportunity to put innovative technology in the hands of consumers and families who aren’t yet sold on interactive technology in general.  eBooks can and will literally change the way new generations think about reading.  And the best manifestation of a good story on a powerful platform is the right balance: enhanced but never distracting, the story is out front, and the re-framed reading experience is deeply satisfying.

We want to insert the right interactivity in the right places to make good stories better. Think back to the first cave-dweller who started scratching on the walls. Hey! That was tech-savvy back then; some folks probably balked and ran from the cave in fear that storytelling was dead.  We’re taking everything we know about storytelling, video games, books, artistry, production and entertainment, and bundling it together with wonderful content from writers worth reading.  Then we’re putting it on the new cave walls: your friendly eBook-store.

Let us know what you think.