Lead Guitar From The Inside Out

Lead Guitar From The Inside Out
by Chris Sherland


Most guitar instruction focuses on what you don't know yet...what you're lacking as a player. Lead Guitar From The Inside Out flips that idea on its head, and shows you how to get more from what you already know on your instrument. 

This new iBook from Twistframe features over an hour of instructional video, a half dozen backing tracks to play along with, and a surprisingly refreshing approach. Lead Guitar From The Inside Out identifies and explores 12 different subjects that help make up the more elusive side of becoming a great lead guitarist. And then gives you an inside track to mastering them.

On many levels the lessons inside this book transcend guitar application specifically and can easily be applied to other musical instruments. Indeed in many ways these ideas can be applied outside of musical application altogether and thought of as guidelines to use in any creative endeavor.

Simply a must-read for any working guitarist and highly recommended for anyone looking for a different approach to refining their musical experience.

This video sets the stage for the book. In it, the author (Chris Sherland) explains the roots of the concept and inspiration for the project.